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    All original recipes from the farm:

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    The Famous Fudge: (Not available for shipping - see "Storefronts" tab)

    We make the same 4 kinds of creamy goat milk fudge you know and love:


    Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Chocolate with Peanut Butter, and Chocolate with Pecans.


    (Available at Farmers Market and other places - See Locations tab.) $10 per box. *SALE available at the market now, November 2018: $8.00 per box.


    The Fantastic Lotion:

    We have the very same lotion Joyce used to sell at the farm, in the same beautiful scents. This is our favorite lotion for dry skin, which is no stranger in Arizona!


    Our goat's milk moisturizing lotion is luxurious and thereputic. Rich in triglycerides and essential fatty acids with a PH similar to human skin, it soaks into where it needs to be. It's loaded with vitamin A, minerals, proteins, lipids, and other nutrients to nourish your skin to help it heal from dryness and leave it feeling soft and supple. You'll be hooked! We are!


    How to use: massage into skin wherever moisture is needed, on hands and body. A little goes a long way. (If you do not have a sensitivity, the lotion may be used on your face as well. Many people apply it to their face with good results.)


    Lavender or Green Mango scent - or Unscented.


    4 oz jar $15

    1 oz sample tube $4


    If you want to know the lotion ingredients, please send us an email/message by clicking "Contact" and request the ingredients. The list will be sent to you.

    The Fabulous Soap:

    Made with only the highest quality ingredients, our soap is a treat at the sink or in the shower. Goat milk and vegetable oils such as olive and coconut nourish and moisturize your skin while cleansing with a wonderful silky lather.


    Each bar of soap, including the sample size and the felted soap, comes with a small cloth gift bag.


    All of our soaps are the same recipe, only the scent and shape is varied. There are five scents, including unscented.


    Lavender and Jasmine have flowery, feminine aromas.


    Lemongrass and Woods are fantastic neutral or masculine scents that never disappoint. Woods is a blend that includes sandalwood.


    The Unscented soap has a lovely, mild smell of olive oil, the most fragrant ingredient.


    *Exclusive website pricing!

    Full size $8.00

    Sample size $3.00


    The "Felted" Soap:

    This is the same awesome soap described above, that has been covered with a thick layer of llama wool felt. The purpose is to provide a scrubby around the soap for use in the shower (or at the sink). The felt acts as a washcloth, makes the soap easier to grip, and is decorative. We dye our locally sourced white llama wool ourselves to give it a variety of vibrant colors. Each bar is beautiful and unique.


    What you see is what you get... Each bar of felted soap is photographed and given its own serial number, so you can be sure that the bar you select is the bar you will receive!


    -The felted soap has a faint smell of lanolin, the natural oil in the llama wool. Lanolin is actually good for the skin, and is added to many skin products. The smell is not unpleasant, and will go away with use of the soap in hot water.


    Each soap comes with a small cloth gift bag.




    Goat and Llama merch. - Soon to come

    Goat and Llama themed gifts for animal enthusiasts.


    Hats, mugs, more...

  • Locations

    Stores where our products can be found:

    Pine-Strawberry Farmers Market

    Our Fudge, Lotion, and Gifts are here.


    Yellow building next to the Ponderosa Market in Pine, AZ, on Highway 87. Open year-round.


    Great deals on fresh fruits & veggies, plus other treats such as jams & jellies, salsas, fresh bread, local free range eggs - & also many craft vendors with handmade gifts, accessories, furnishings & more. Come shop local!


    Summer (Spring through Fall) hours: Friday & Sunday 10-2:00, and Saturday 10-4:00, and Holiday Mondays 10-12:00 or later.


    Winter hours: Closed Sundays December through March.

    3774 AZ-87, Pine, Arizona 85544


    facebook.com/Pine Strawberry Farmers Market


    Gingerbread House

    Our Fudge is here.


    Antiques and Premium Ice Cream. Next door to the Pine Library and the Pine Mall (the thrift store)

    - on Highway 87.

    Ice Cream is handmade by Lappert's of Hawaii...

    It's the best!!

    Come pick up some ice cream, goat milk fudge,

    and check out this homey shop full of antiques.


    Open afternoons - Spring through Fall -

    Friday, Saturday, Sunday, all Holiday Mondays, and some additional Mondays.

    3936 AZ-87, Pine, AZ 85544



    facebook.com/Gingerbread House Ice Cream


    Pine Creek Canyon Lavender Farm

    Our Soap is here - SPECIAL EDITION - made with their lavender oil!

    Farm store with fresh lavender grown onsite, lavender oil, and many other products made with their lavender for body, household, and culinary use.
    Summer hours: 10-4:00 Friday-Sunday, and on Holiday Mondays.

    4223 Pine Creek Canyon Dr. Pine, AZ 85544


    facebook.com/Pine Creek Canyon Lavender Farm

    Fancy Finds

    Our Soap and Lotion are here.


    Antiques, re-purposed items, gifts, furnishings, clothing and jewelry, handmade items... An all-around fun boutique in Pine!


    Hours: Daily 10-5:00. (Closed Tuesday & Wednesday in October & November and January & February.)

    4069 AZ-87, Pine, AZ 85544







    Back to Basics


    Our Soap and Lotion are here.


    Health foods, supplements, gifts and much more.

    Monday-Friday 9-6:00, Saturday 10-5:00,
    Sunday 9-3:00.
    908 N Beeline Hwy. Payson, AZ 85541
    facebook.com/Back to Basics or search @paysonback2basics

    The Shoe Shack

    Our Soap and Lotion are here.

    Shoes for men, women and kids, and much more.
    Monday-Saturday 10-6:00
    905 S Beeline Hwy. Payson, AZ 85541
    facebook.com/The Shoe Shack Payson AZ
  • At the Ranch

    New Beginnings for the Ranch at Fossil Creek

    Stacy Barry is the new owner and entrepreneur at the farm... and she plans to plant a strawberry patch!

    Finally some strawberries in Strawberry!

    At this time, Stacy and all of her helpers are busy remodeling for the new business. She doesn't know what else she will be offering besides strawberries, but she wants to have much more at the farm for families and travelers to see, do, and buy. She wants to host events and keep the farm shop - and the garden beds - open to visitors.


    The farm will again do what it does best - provide a quiet place full of natural beauty where people can have fun and unwind for a few...


    Updates are eagerly awaited and will be posted here!


    Stacy Barry is not directly affiliated with Strawberry's Original.


    Ask questions, send feedback, or simply send your name & email to subscribe to our email list to receive news about new products, locations, and promotions.

    3774 AZ-87
    Pine, AZ 85544
    Winter Hours:
    Friday 10:00-2:00 & Saturday 10:00-4:00
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    If you would rather order offline, please call or email. We do our best to return emails and voicemails promptly. You can send an email from your inbox or by clicking the "Send Message" button below. Whether you prefer to talk or just email, we will make transactions as quick and clear as possible. We require all card information including the zip code and the 3 digits on the back of the card. Your information is never saved - unless you chose to receive our email newsletter, then we will save your email address.


    email strawberrysoriginal@gmail.com or click the

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    or call 928-970-0802

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