Goat Milk Soap
3.00 - 8.00
Made with high quality ingredients, our soap is a treat at the sink or in the shower! 100% food grade oils in a goat milk base nourish & moisturize your skin while cleansing with a wonderful silky lather. Same old farm recipe! No fillers or dyes.

Scents: Lavender, Lemongrass, Jasmine, Woods, & Unscented. See shape and scent descriptions in photos.

Exclusive website pricing! Full size $8.00. Sample size $3.00.

*Each soap comes with a cloth gift bag (see picture). All soaps are the same recipe and no dyes are added. Lemongrass is golden and Woods is brown due to the scent oils used.
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Product Options
Lavender - Goats
Lavender - Square
Lavender - Oval
Jasmine - Goats
Jasmine - Square
Jasmine - Oval
Lemongrass - Goats
Lemongrass - Square
Lemongrass - Oval
Woods - Goats
Woods - Square
Woods - Oval
Unscented - Goats
Unscented - Square
Unscented - Oval
Sample Size - Lavender Heart
Sample Size - Lavender Square
Sample Size - Jasmine Heart
Sample Size - Jasmine Square
Sample Size - Lemongrass Heart
Sample Size - Lemongrass Square
Sample Size - Woods Heart
Sample Size - Woods Square
Sample Size - Unscented Heart
Sample Size - Unscented Square
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